Notice・Japanese are looking for a Nepalese family.

The name of the Japanese who is looking for a Nepalese is Mr. Ito.

Mr. Ito and this family met on Mt. Takao on 2021.07.16 with a family of four Nepalese. We became friends, held hands with our two children, and went from the climbing cable car to the return Keio train Chofu station.

The family has a husband who is 36 years old, a wife who is 31 years old, and two boys who are 5 and 2.5 years old. They live in Kokuryocho or Fuda, Chofu City, Tokyo. This family has been living in Japan for about 6 years.


When I and this family broke up at Chofu station, he asked me to tell me your name and cell phone number, so my name is Mr. Ito and my cell phone number is 090-9671-8702.

However, he made a call to Mr. Ito’s cell phone on the spot, but because Mr. Ito’s cell phone was out of battery, he could not confirm the incoming call of his cell phone number, and it seems that the message was lost.


Mr. Ito is close to the place where this family lives, and he has a feeling that he enjoyed this family, so he wants to continue interacting with this family, so of course this family and others If you know this family, please contact the Japan-Nepal Friendship Association ( or the chairman Yamagishi (070-1323-5445).